Rich Schultz is new owner of Hoover Wheel Alignment since 01/01/2015. You would never know there has been a change in ownership because of the same great mechanics, same great place for all... Read More


Jerry Johnson, Minneapolis,Mn.

6/24/2015 1:59:04 PM

another great experience

Rich did his magic again and My car is flawless. These Guy's ROCK and know there stuff. That's why I consider them to be "EXPERTS" and I refuse to take My car to some weirdo's with laser lights and bells and whistles and staffed by inexperienced 18 year old children. Thanks again for a job well done and the price was so low I almost did a dance in the parking lot. "GREAT JOB GUY'S" Your definately the best of the best!

Jerry Johnson, Mpls. Mn. 55412

3/20/2015 4:04:41 PM

My experience

I am breathless! I had My 2005 Chrysler PT cruiser repaired at "Hoover" with very serious "banging" and clanging noises in front end on 03-19-2015. I was anticipating 1000.00 to perhaps 1500.00 to repair. Thank "God" I went to "Hoover"!!!!! Rich gave Me an estimate which almost made Me fall over and start crying with tears of Joy! Less than 400.00 with parts and labor! He literally "overhauled" My front suspension and showed Me all the defective parts as He progressed. Start to finish was about 2 1/2 hours and the cheerful staff helped Me pass the time as I waited for My car. Rich actually fixed and repaired a number of other issues I was having and didn't charge Me any additional charges. I left shop and could NOT believe it was the same car I drove in! It's as quiet as a church mouse and the steering wheel is perfectly straight! These Guys know there stuff and don't flamdoozle You with B.S. I didn't want to be impressed with Lazer Lights and computer crap....I just wanted My car fixed...and I am so glad I went to the "Experts" in this field. They are without a doubt the "best of the best" and know their stuff. The shop is very tidy and well maintained and the staff is cheerful and seem to understand that My hard earned dollar is just as important as their hard earned dollar. Rich really "ROCKS" and is awesome...I enjoy driving My car now and it was the best 400.00 bucks I ever spent....Thanks again Rich and thank Your staff for being so cool to chit-chat with...You Guy's "ROCK"!


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